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Welcome to

Your one stop portal to high quality and creative accessories for Smith Micro's Poser. Specializing in the creation of fantasy conforming clothing for all Poser figures.

  • Are these products instant downloads?
    Yes, once you complete your payment process you will see the download links in the Checkout Complete page.

  • How can I re-download what I purchased before?
    If you need to re-download your purchased models you need to email with the specified products you want to re-download. You will then receive download links in your email via our download server, Hightail.

  • I used PayPal to checkout but never got returned to get the downloads. What happened?
    Sometimes the link between PayPal and the Xurge 3D Store are lost in the middle of a transaction and after you finish the payment at PayPal it never brings you back to finish the sale. If this happens just send an email to with the names of the products you were purchasing. You will then receive your download links.

  • I used PayPal eCheck to checkout and the sale never completed after my payment.
    PayPal eChecks do not work with Instant Payment Notification and cause the sale completion to fail. Email with the names of the intended purchases to receive your download links.

  • Can I get a refund if I purchased something right before a sale?
    If you make a purchase 3 days or less before a sale you can get the difference in the form of a Store Coupon. If you wish to get a refund instead of a coupon it can also be arranged as long as the price difference exceeds $5.00 USD. A third option also is to send a list of store items that would equal in value to the price difference. You will then receive download to those products. This excludes the Product of the Week item.

  • I sent a support email and never received a reply...
    Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. We try to respond immediately however sometimes issues arise that cause a delay. If after 72 hours, you have not received a response, please send your e-mail directly to Gigi Martinez at Also, check that neither you nor your ISP is blocking emails. There is nothing we can do if you can not receive our replies to your requests.

  • Do Xurge 3D products work in DAZ Studio?
    Our products are only setup and tested in Poser. No compatability with DAZ Studio is tested nor guaranteed. Most of our products are set up with standard Poser properties and should be able to be used in DAZ Studio but we can not support nor guarantee such functionality.

  • Can your products be used in Video Game projects?
    Our products carry a standard use license which does not allow any use in which the assets are re-distributed such as real time projects and video games. For this kind of licensing you would need to purchase a Real Time Game license available in our store.

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